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We help people (like you) run HR and people processes smoothly. Whether you're too busy, don't know where to find the right people, or something else, It is our mission to help you get access to the right technology and solutions.

We share
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Seamlessly visualize quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing base portals.

At SBS, we are a growing organization that provides a people-focused platform to scale their businesses. We believe in combining technology and human perspectives to create complete HR, corporate, and business solutions. By simplifying and automating processes, you can focus on what matters in the company – the people and the growth. 

We started in India to help the SMEs in the country to have a proper structure and processes for their businesses and their human resources department. 

Today, global businesses from the UAE, Australia, UK, USA, and more countries have outsourced their needs to us as we are the pioneers in HR consulting services.

After decades of experience and technology to match it, we at SBS are business transformation champions for organizations. Unlike the error-prone, outdated, and pricey solutions out there, we bring automation to your doorsteps most organizations don’t have. Our technology, support, and quality now help global clients run every process, better.

Lastly, Why Shrestha, you ask?

We believe in creating solutions that enable employees to bring their best to work. With innovative technology and an internationally experienced team, we are the one destination for all your HR and corporate solution needs. We are present not only in India but also in major international markets. We are evolving and expanding.

Our solutions are the easiest way to create an engaged culture and drive growth.

SBS can help you…

Elevate your employee experience

From payroll to expense management, from compliance to hiring, the modern, automated experience is error-free and simplifies every process.

Grow your business

With smart HR solutions, you can maintain consistency across the organization, manage your capital and grow faster. 

Forget the chaos

Our cloud-based services remove manual interventions and ensure no process-related work piles on at the end of the month or quarter. 

Plus, we are a diverse team of talented and experienced professionals. We measure our success on the challenges we solve for you. That’s what customer delight and satisfaction mean for us.

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