The Success of a Business is directly proportional to the efficiency of all resources in operation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

SBS offers a comprehensive range of products and services particularly for financial capital Mergers & Acquisitions that are designed to support our clients at every stage of the deal making process whether you are a strategic buyer or a seller.

SBS can assist you at any of these stages

Due Diligence

Synergy Planning & Capture

Merger & Acquisition Strategy & Execution

Taxation Advisory in M&A

Post M&A Performance Improvement


Selling your business is one of the most important transactions you will have in your life.

In order to ensure the highest probability of success, it is critical that you engage an investment Consultant that

(i) fully appreciates the unique aspects of both your business and your industry

(ii) can leverage its past experiences from closing comparable transactions

(iii) has a broad network of prospective buyers.

Once we take a mandate, SBS customizes and then implement our a structured process for the compan


If you are a promoter who is interested in acquiring other companies, SBS well positioned to run the buy-side process for you.

After we collaborate with you on understanding your Buy Strategy, we will then proactively contact, screen, diligence, structure, and negotiate the acquisitions of those companies on your behalf.

If necessary, we also have the expertise and network to help you finance those acquisitions.

Knowledge Transfer
Collateral Creation
Identifying the Buyers
Presenting the Proposal to the Buyers
Buyer Diligence

Investment Advisory

Capital is a vital component to any business whether you are interested in securing capital for your business to fuel growth, refinancing existing debt, recapitalizing your existing ownership, funding an acquisition, or any variety of other uses of cash, we are well positioned to assist you accomplish those goals.

SBS can raise all tranches of capital, including

Senior Debt

Mezzanine debt