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SBS develop, design, form and manage modern human resources solutions to help drive your business transformation, enhance productivity and accelerate operations.

We promise a Comprehensive blend of Outsourcing/In-housing Program wherein we manage the entire spectrum of HR Management with a dedicated HR Resource deployed.

Our flexible HR transformation solutions enable you to focus on your business whilst we provide efficient, expert and cost-effective HR support to your business for all sizes. Our solutions cover the entire employee lifecycle from Hire to Retire.

Our Workforce management service spans the entire employee lifecycle and is configurable, responsive, and scalable. Your business will benefit from a high-quality professional service that is far more cost-effective than an in-house operation could deliver.

SBS HR Transformation Solutions

Tailor Made solution to suit your requirement

hr transformation company

Transform your HR Operations

Helping you to transform your HR for long-term business success

Channelize your Energy

We offer a breadth of HR transformation services that are fully customized for your organization and allow you to breathe easy, relax and feel confident that your business is in good hands.

Domain Expertise

We have a dedicated team of HR professionals having significant industry experience . Our only aim is to provide a human edge to our clients in a competitive market like India

Technology Advancement

Technology in HR is evolving to a greater extent. This helps the organization to explore the advancements like AI, SaaS, cloud makes all data analytics on fingertips.

Elite HR Service

People matters  for any organization. Their performance, Job satisfaction depends on the organization’s commitment towards them; with HR outsourcing they are assured of an uninterrupted / unbiased HR service.

Employee Experience

Employees get connected with the organization depending on the level of advancement the organization makes. SBS HR services ensure delightful employees at all times.


When you are in the right hand of experts with the latest technology, your progress is assured. You connect with SBS at an affordable cost to experience the above.

Add-on HR Transformation Services

Providing the right support for your human resources department

It is always better to have an third eye on your policies and procedures that are one of the most valuable things of your organization.By bringing in a new and independent lens through which to view your current HR systems, you can gain invaluable insights into how you can alter the dynamics of your employee teams and maximize the potential of your workforce to meet the challenges.

We have a strong, successful history of partnering with organizations of all types and sizes to provide specialized HR consulting that streamlines and enhances the productivity of the organization. SBS team of senior HR consultants has expertise in a wide range of areas, enabling them to partner with you and deliver high-quality results on virtually any HR consultancy project.

Organization design & culture

The organizational design is the company’s invisible code book in work processes.By design we’re talking about the  integration of people with core business processes,technology and systems. A well-designed organization ensures that the form of the organization matches its purpose or strategy,meets the challenges.

Our Scope covers:

  • Organization Structure
  • Policy framing
  • HR policy manual
  • Employee HandBook
  • Job Description
  • Career Progression
  • Succession Planning
hr transformation company
digital strategy for hr operations

Compensation & Benefits

Employee compensation is at the heart of every employer/employee relationship and has a significant impact on many areas of your organization. Turning to the compensation experts at SBS is a great place to start. We can help you work through these issues and design a compensation structure that will drive your success well into the future

When recruiting the employees who will serve as the engine for your company’s success in the future, the compensation you offer plays a pivotal role. If the compensation you are offering for a given position is well below the industry and geographic standard, potential job candidates will not even consider any of the other positive benefits that your business brings to the table.

Our Scope covers:

  • Salary  Bandwidth
  • Other perks & benefits
  • Variable pay
  • Compensation benchmarking

Performance Management

A talented and skilled employee is the lifeblood of every organization.To sustain the growth it is important that the employees are properly nurtured and motivated . An effective performance management helps the organization in making sure the employees are happy, engaged and aligned to the  collective goals.

SBS team of experienced professionals who well understand the business dynamics work along with the organization to develop the metrics, process and framework to effectively drive the performance management system.

Our Scope covers:

  • KPI & KRA framing
  • Incentive structure
  • Performance evaluation & review
  • Succession planning
  • Reward & Recognition
  •  Performance Appraisal
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hr transformation services

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a concept that it describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels towards the organization.  Engaged Employees care about their work and about the performance of the company, and feel that their efforts make a difference.

Our Scope covers:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Spot Appreciations
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Sports Events
  • Annual Picnic
  • Team Outing
  • Award Night
  • Family Connect

Employee Background Verification

In order to protect the company from various potential risks, a background check is considered an imperative pre-employment screening step before making a hiring decision by providing timely, accurate and cost-effective background checks.

Our Scope covers:

  • Pre-Post Employment Verification
  • Education Verification/Academics Record Check
  • Residential Address Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Identity verification
  • KYC Document Verifications
hr transformation solution
hr transformation services

Employee workplace Counseling

In our fast-paced, stressful world, it’s not unusual for an organization to have some employees struggling with workplace-related stress or personal issues.

Through our counseling session we help the employee on the  personal and emotional adjustment problems interfering with their work performance.

Benefit of Workplace Counseling:

  • A safe space to talk about their problems
  • Manage behavioural problem
  • Motivates to search for alternate solutions
  • Assist in understanding themselves
  • Helps in superior decision making
  • Decreases employee absenteeism
  • Improved employee performance
  • Increases productivity

HR Audit & HR Advisory

A regular HR audit and assessment is an effective way for any organization to get a clear sense of the current state of their HR policies and procedures.

Our complete, professional audits help you identify any key problem areas to get all your practices and procedures up to speed with the latest legal requirements.

Our Scope covers:

  • HR Policies, Manual & Handbook
  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Health & Safety
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Documents & Record Keeping
  • Best Practices
  • Compliance with law & regulations
  • Employee Retention
hr transformation solution
hr transformation company

Employee Satisfaction Survey

SBS has experience in designing and conducting surveys and interviews to measure employee engagement levels, identify bottlenecks to productivity, and pinpoint specific areas of strength and weakness within organizations. This data collection and its subsequent analysis can provide you with a fresh perspective on your company’s workflow, staffing and morale – and help you devise strategies to improve employee productivity, engagement and retention.

Benefit of Satisfaction Survey:

  • A platform to understand the employee
  • Measures level of satisfaction
  • Identifying Key areas for improvement
  • Bridging the Communication gap
  • Identify the level of satisfaction in w.r.t,
    • Job satisfaction
    • Reporting Manager
    • Management
    • Benefits & Policies
    • Workplace & Culture

Competency Mapping

Every organization needs to have the dashboard of each employee’s strength and weakness to ascertain organization metrics.

SBS helps to assess the new as well as existing employees on their current skill level for their contribution and the business planning. It is important to periodically evaluate the skills of the employee to ensure their sustained productivity.

Our Scope covers:

  • To understand talents strength & gaps
  • To evaluate for different roles
  • To Identify the high leadership potential
  • To benchmark your talents
  • To develop long-term values
  • To attract and retain talents
hr transformation services

Our HR Consultation Solve All Your Needs

We understand and make you to achieve your organization’s goal through the integrated end-to-end HR strategy and key business drivers

An outside perspective to your business, helping you to find the right route with the head rather than the heart.

Evaluate and Prioritize critical business processes and identify improvement opportunities

Increase efficiency and effectiveness in HR processes

Advise on enhancement for existing critical technology to be competitive

Identify strategic benefits and competitive advantages

Create risk mitigation and a technology implementation roadmap