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    Keep everything in rhythm.

    No more month-end marathons with our payroll software. Your teams can process salaries, make changes, and take actions throughout the month instead of having piled-up paperwork on the last day.

    Accurate salary processing

    Compensation & Expense Management

    Employee Finances


    No matter the number of employees, our online payroll & hrms system offers personalized capabilities so all your workers (hourly, salaried, part-time, etc.) get paid on time. We offer payroll outsourcing services, Statutory compliance, Analytics, Employees documentation, and many more comprehensive HR functionalities.

    To adapt to rapid changes, you need a payroll engine that’s agile, fast, and flexible for all types of workers. Our system does all of it, with accuracy. We save you time, empower your workforce by automating the payroll processing and deliver efficiency every day.

    Ready to provide a people first experience to your employees?

    Ad Astra’s team consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results and on our turnover.
    Brenda McIntyre
    Majestic Vista LLC
    Ad Astra brings tremendous value to my company. We have generated more leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.
    Jason Williams
    Jason Williams
    I’m thrilled with the end result, the project went live in time for a series of important meetings in the nation’s capital.
    George Whitemore
    Avantage Experts

    Envision your road to success

    As you navigate what’s next, we can work together to uncover answers so you’re more knowledgeable, confident and own a lasting solution that grows with you.
    One-click. Great functionality. Execute your entire payroll lifecycle without errors and delays.
    Evaluate documents, process loans, anytime your employees are in need.
    A powerful HR analytics system that provides real-time reports for CEOs, managers, and anyone that requests them.
    Invoice scanning, expense tracking, reimbursements, everything is built-in.
    Manage employee leaves, track attendance, and pay automatically for any scenario or location.
    Scan. Save. Use. Share. Replace the paper in your life.