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Our unique Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Services are designed to change the way businesses acquire talent in a highly competitive marketplace. Deep expertise in recruiting, behavioral science and hands on approach lead to optimizing the match between requisitions and recruiting.

When you need the right talent, whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, we have the expertise to help. Our talent acquisition network, and unique 360° approach to recruitment, means that the people you want are already talking to us.

Work with us to make sure you’re attracting, retaining and developing the brightest talent for your business.

With the fast evolving of Work from Home (WFH) Culture across Industries, SBS can source the right fitment to the Corporates, no matter where the Candidates are located

Our talent acquisitions expertise in Campus hiring of potential incumbents fulfils your bulk requirements reducing your time and recruitment cost.

Our Pre employee assessment and Back ground verification helps the organisation to attract potential candidates with the right physical and mental abilities from the market who is best fit for the organization.

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Comprehensive Talent Acquisition Solutions

Our experts headhunt your talent 24/7


Get the ideal candidate who matches your requirements in terms of skills and experience.

We  provide unmatched talent acquisition solutions for you to stay  ahead of the competition by matching your requirements.


Our specialization in headhunting services enables you to pick the future leaders for all managerial levels for your organization.

From the  wide pool of skilled talent, our headhunters pick the cream of the lot to aid your business’ growth.

Bulk &
Campus Hiring

Our strong connection with various institutions be it reputed, new or upcountry enables us to provide the most aspiring and deserving incumbents to your organization.

We bridge the gap between the talented students looking for their dream jobs and the companies hunting for fresh and unexplored potential.


Our talent acquisition service helps the organization in hiring for the right talent by measuring the candidates capabilities and personality traits that determine candidate-fit for any given position.


We help you to protect your organization in terms of providing the right information about the new candidates by efficient screening of his personal and professional records.

Your Talent Acquisition Process Simplified with us

Join hands with us to experience our uniqueness in hiring your right talent


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Personal Assessment

Technical Key Questionnaires

Domain Exp.

Domain Assessment

Assessment based on Client

Unique Requirement

Why SBS Talent Acquisition Solutions

Our Hiring Solutions will fulfill all your business challenges

Client and candidate centric approach.

We focus on understanding the employer needs first  and  provide tailor made talent acquisition solutions  by identifying the necessary skills to fill the respective position and also  establish strategy to explore the right candidate.

Our Expertise

Our dedicated, skilled, and experienced recruitment team of professionals who work in accordance with the needs of the client. They deeply understand the requirements of the  business and provide effective and appropriate talent acquisition solutions.


With the use of AI technological support in the vest database we provide a fast and furious solutions to our clients


We believe in the system of providing uninterrupted  solutions by having one exclusive consultant  responsible for the complete process, from the initial contact to the post placement follow-up. By working in this way, clients and candidates have one point of contact throughout the process to ensure clarity of communication and an efficient process.

High quality standards

You will witness our standards and quality throughout the recruitment  process. We adapt professional ethics and transparency with our clients and candidates in quality in recruitment,  candidate assessment, reference checks and post-placement follow-up.

A results-oriented approach

We are passionate about doing things differently. Our flexibility and commitment to honour helps the organization to experience the uniqueness in us.

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